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Chemibond Dust Control ADFB 40


Malaysia dust control supplier manufacturer dust suppression supply for construction, coals mining, cement dust, calcium carbonate processing dust, kaolin dust control solutions 


ADFB 40 is a biodegradable foamable product formulated to be use as dust control additive in the handling and transfer of minerals, aggregate, quarry products, coals, etc. 


Dust is aerated in the quarry during the extraction and crushing process of stones and aggregate, mineral deposits, thus releasing more dust into the environment during conveying, screen, stocking and loading, and unloading operation.


To prevent dust particles from getting airborne, ADFB 40 is recommended to spray as control measures immediately before the crusher and directly onto the crushers. This ensures all material is fully coated with the foam bubbles.


As the minerals and aggregate are crushed, new faces are exposed and dust particles are released again. These dust particles collide with ADFB 40 foam bubbles to piece and thus releasing moisture held herein. This caused the dust particles became thoroughly wetted and increase weight that caused it to settle down onto the main body of the materials.


The wetted dust particles will then continue their entire journey through subsequent crushing, screening to the final storage bins without getting airborne.



 Malaysia dust control supplier manufacturer dust suppression supply for construction, coals mining, cement dust, calcium carbonate processing dust, kaolin dust control solutions

Application Use


  Construction site

  Dust control site

  Mining and quarry site

  Gypsum plants

  Calcium carbonate processing plant

  Kaolin processing plant

  Cement making plants




Unique Product Advantages





Dries odorless and transparent


Simple and easy to apply


Environment safe 


Vegetation safe (will not harm vegetation)


Improve hazardous environment pollution which can reduce disease like silicosis and pneumoconiosis

           (black lung disease)


Improve visibility that could cause hazard to vehicle drivers, workers safety, marine and aerospace industries.


Prevent explosion caused by accumulation of fine dust particle in sawmill, paper mill, etc.


Reduce machinery parts contamination caused by dust particles


Reduce loss of stock piles by preventing it to be blown away by wind




Dilution guide of using ADFB 40


To achieve effective dust suppression, 2 litres of ADFB 40 is recommended for 1MT of materials depending on the particles sizes of the dust and condition of the job site.


As general guide, we suggest to mix 1 litre of ADFB 40 to 200 litres of water (1 : 200)



Recommended to be use with: 

Foam bubble generating machine


Parts / equipment:

Air compressor

Rubber hoses and nozzle


First, mix ADFB 40 with water and compressed air in the foam bubble generating machine, then the resultant solution is send down to a series of hoses with special designed nozzles located at strategic points in the process plants or quarry site.


As the solution travels to its destination, it turns to foam bubbles and is sprayed onto the materials. The location of the nozzles and the spray pattern is critical to ensure thorough mixing.




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