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Chemibond Mould Oil 722 



Chemibond Mould Oil 722 

is a high grade mineral oils that contains powerful organic ingredients that work as a release agent for different types of form works. E.g. Metal formwork, Aluminium formwork, Timber formwork and Plastic formwork. 


Chemibond Mould Oil 722 is formulated to be very economic and easy to use, non-staining, prevent corrosion of steel formwork from rust.


Recommended use :

Metal / Steel formwork

Timber formwork

Plastic formwork




Application Use

  Concrete Formwork


Unique Product Advantages




Water repellent


No Staining


Prevent corrosion


Application guide of using Chemibond Mould Oil 722


Chemibond Mould Oil 722 can be applying by brush, roller, airless or conventional spray machine. After application, it should be given at least 5 to 10 minutes to penetrate into the surface of the mould before pouring in cement.


Coverage is aproximately 20m2 to 60m2 per litre depending on substrate porosity.  

Store in sealed container can expect shelf life of 12 months.




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