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1. Prepare the site and Compact the site
    Dry Soil : The test plot should be completely dry and free from water.
    Weather : The test plot must be free from rain for min of 72 hours at the application
    Temperature : Temperature must be at lease 40°F (4°C).
    Compaction : Compact the test plot to Min 95%. (Optional for Non- Traffic test plot)
    Drainage : Contour and crown the test plot to provide proper drainage.

2. Prepare Liquid Cement @ Dilution (Chart A)
    Water and Liquid Cement Concentrated : (Fill the application of the Chart A as below)


3. Apply the Liquid Cement @  Dilution
    Multiple Coats :
    Apply the Liquid Cement @ Dilution in (1-2 Coats for non- traffic) or 4-5 Coats for traffic on to the
    test plot.
    Drying :
    Each successive coats should be applied in a timely manner to ensure that the surface always stay
    wet with Liquid Cement @ Dilution.
    DO NOT allow the Liquid Cement @ Dilution to dry between the application coats. Failure to do
    so will result in an underperforming “skin” layer rather than penetrating layer.

4. Finish- Allow site to Dry
    Curing : Allow the test plot to dry and cure for a minimum of 24 hours.(70°F/21°C).
    Non-Traffic Test Area : Prevent any human activity over the test plot.
    Traffic Test Area : Prevent any human activity over the test plot until it has completely cured.

    (1 Liter = 0.26 gallons = 4.2 cups)

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