The following are the industries & applications that we are currently serving:











Our Product Range:  
  1. Adhesive     
  Waterbase  (PVA, EVA, Dextrine, Acrylic, Animal Glue, Latex, PU and etc.)   
  Solventbase      (PU, CR, NR)  
  Hot Melt (Metallocene)  
  Waterless (PU, MS polymer)  
  2. Sealant     
  PU Sealants
  Silicon Sealants    
  MS Sealants    
  3. Coating    
  PP Primer    
  Metal Primer    
  Rubber Primer    
  Sound Damping Coatings    
  Fire Retardant Coatings    
  Heat Insulation Coatings    
  Anti-Boral Wood Coatings