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All Pest Control Glue Trap

All Pest Control Glue Trap

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All Pest Control Glue Trap is a transparent tray coated with optical clear glue, ready to use for catching pest and insects.




- No Smell, No Odour

- Non-Drip

- Non-Toxic

- Transperant, Optical Clear

- Weather Resistant

- No Baits Needed


For catching:

Rats, Lizards, Fruit-flies, Cockroaches, House-flies, Flying Insects and etc..


Suitable to use in:

Indoor, Home, Apartment, Resident, Factory, Hotel, Restaurant, On the boats, Office and etc..


Direction of use:

1. Traps are ready to be used.

2. Place glue trap side up on the floor against baseboard, wall, rear of cupboard or areas where pests are

    suspected. Can be position with string or tapes.

3. Should no rats be caught in 2-3 days, then move traps to a new location that shows dripping. Several traps should

    be used for best result.

4. Discard trapped pest with trap according to regulation.


* Kepp out of reach of children.

* Glue can be removed from hands, fabrics or tools with cooking oil, follow by soap.




  Packing   2 tray
  Carton   60 boxes
  Carton size     534 x 336 x 436(mm)