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CROP PRO Sticky Insect Glue

CROP PRO Sticky Insect Glue

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Brand: Bonding Technology Resources Sdn Bhd
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Sprayable adhesive widely used in plantation industries, farms and crops.


- Weather Proof

- Long Lasting

- Insecticide Free

- Non-toxic & No Odour

- Non insecticide


Use to trap:

Flies, Insects, Thrips, Alphids, White flies, Jassids, and etc..


Recommended to use in:

Flower crops, Poultry farms, Gardens, Orchards, Restaurant, Kitchen, Hotel, Stalls, Vegetable/ fruit farms, Palm oil plantation, Olive farms and etc.


Direction of use:

1. Apply thin coating evenly on any plasticsheet, plastic bag or cardboards.

2. Tie or staple on any kind of stands near the crops.

3. Glue can be removed from hands & tools by vegetable oil follow by soap.


  Packing    500ml / can
  Carton    24 cans
  Carton size      (mm)