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Insect Sticker / Sticky Insect Trap

Insect Sticker / Sticky Insect Trap

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Brand: Bonding Technology Resources Sdn Bhd
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An integrated pest management program farmer uses worldwide.


Insect Sticker is a yellow PE sheet coated with sticky glue that consist of visual (color) and chemical (scent) attractant to attract insects. The glue is weather resistant and it does not dry out or wash off by the rain, it even has a better stick under the hot sun with no dripping. The glue stickiness can last until it's completely covered by insects.


- Weather Resistant

- Non Drip

- Non-Toxic

- No Odour

- Ready to use


Suitable to use in:

Restaurant, Residence, Hospital, School, Food farm, Poultry farm, Vegetable farm, Indoor or Outdoor and etc..


Direction of use:

Very easy and simple to use. Open up the PE sheet and place it along walls or at places where insects/flies are likely found. Nails or stapples are also recommended to use on all coners to prevent from falling off.


If you would like to save the hassle of replacing new sheets every month, it is recommended you use our Sticky Spray to spray on the sheet to increase the stickiness of the glue that has covered with dirt or insects.


** Caution: 

    Dripping might happen, depending on the thickness of glue is sprayed. You can scrap away some eccessive glue to

    prevent from dripping.


** Insect Sticker is also widely used as an Insects Management Control System worldwide.

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