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Rat Glue Tube

Rat Glue Tube

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Rat Glue in a tube for easy application!


Rat Glue Tube is specially designed to be easier application for homes. It can be use to capture rats, lizards or cocroaches effectively. The glue is also suitable for indoor and outdoor as it will not dry off until its covered by debris.


- Transparent, Optical Clear

- Weather Resistant

- Non-Toxic

- No Smell, No Odour

- Excellent Strength


Direction of use:

1. Spread the glue on a cardboard or plywood. 

2. Place baits. e.g: meat or biscuits at the centre.

3. Place the board in places frequented by rats.

4. Rat caught must be disposed or buried accordingly.



  Packing   120 ml
  Carton   70 tubes
  Carton size     438 x 352 x 273(mm)