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Sticker Label Remover

Sticker Label Remover

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Brand: Bonding Technology Resources Sdn Bhd
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Made to remove Stickers or Adhesive residue easily without damaging surfaces.


It is a powerful cleaning solution with natural lemon extract to quickly and easily remove labels, stickers or tape residues. It has good penetrating power to quickly dissolves adhesive/glue residue on most material without affecting the surfaces.


- Lemon Smell

- Easy to remove

- Ideal for almost all surfaces


Best to remove sticker from:

Glass, Ceramic, Plastic, Aluminum, Stainless steel, even painted metal without affecting the surfaces.


Great product for removing:

Window stickers, Bumpr stickers, Residue from price tags, Vehicle road tax stickers, Markers, Crayons, Lipstick and more!


Instruction of use:

1. Spray on the sticker until it is wet by visual.

2. Remove the sticker from the edge with the help of a plastic spatula or scrapper if needed.

3. Re-spray if necessary.

4. For removing glue stain residues, spray a little amounth on a cloth and wipe it clean.


**  Shake well every use. Test first on a small, inconspicuous area. If the surface becomes dull or cloudy, do not use. Hold the can 2-4 inches from the surface and spray. Wait a sec and wipe surface with a clean, dry cloth. Reaaply if needed.

Sticker Label Remover
  Packing   200 ml / can
  Box   24 cans
  Carton size     330 x 225 x 190(mm)